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So, this is my first full summer in TX.  Last year we moved in July.  I was prepared for the heat then.  I can most definitely say that my body is rejecting mid-90s in May.  It is so warm.  It makes me want to just curl up with a bed made of ice.  Have I mentioned yet that I’m not a fan of hot-hot-hot weather?

I think part of the reason I dislike the heat so much is that it zaps my will to go outside, or really do anything productive.  It means that I have to get all of my household chores done by 10am so I’m not dripping with sweat later on. That said, I braved the zoo with H on Tuesday (when it was only in the upper 80s) while Steve was working.  Even if it was hot, it was a nice time.  We went in the mid-afternoon and we only saw 4 other people.  It was like having the zoo all to ourselves.  We also got to see the jaguar cubs:

And H enjoyed being the only kid on the playground:

The start of summer also means that I have to start thinking carefully about what I knit, because you do not want a lapful of wool when it is 80 inside. This is particularly problematic when a lot of my design work is for fall/winter.  Luckily spinning doesn’t take much fiber in the lap. Sadly, I have no pictures.

The citron shawl is also coming along.  I’m on section 5 (the last one in the pattern), but I’m hoping to add at least one more repeat (two if I’m not sick of it by then).


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