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Yeah, I have no energy to think of a creative title.

I’m making good progress on my Olympic sweater.  As of this moment, I’ve completed the body and sleeves.  I just need to seam everything together and then knit on the collar.

I also started a mindless garter stitch shawl this weekend.  My husband and I went to see Shutter Island and I needed something I could knit in the dark.  Not much progress has been made since then, but it will see some action once I get Mystere finished.

In non-knitting news, I was busy baking the past two days.  I made some delicious asiago cheese bread and a batch of cinnamon rolls.

Also, my trusty Power Shot S2IS died earlier this week.  So here are two gratuitous cat pictures from the new camera, a Power Shot SX120 IS.  The cats were much better models than the toddler.


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