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I can’t believe C has been a part of our family for almost for months now. Yet, it also seems like he’s been here forever.  He’s a generally happy baby, but when he’s not happy he is really Not. Happy.

When he’s getting ready to really cry, the corners of his mouth turn down and his chin waggles. It is exactly like in a cartoon, except it is for real. That’s really the only time that H doesn’t like having a baby brother.


C is an expert at rolling over, just like his brother. And just like his brother, he seems to forget that he can roll both ways. So if he is tired of being on his tummy, he really just needs to remember he can roll himself onto his back.

We’re still co-sleeping. It’s working out wonderfully.  And, unlike H, I think it is going to last awhile beyond the four month mark. C is a very attached baby. He loves to be held by Mama. He’s getting used to the sling, and I can’t wait to use it more often (right now we are in the middle of a very large heatwave and wearing a silk brocade sling in 105 degree weather is so not appealing).

C quirks-

He has a very sweaty head.

He will try to nurse everything. Last night I gave him a kiss and he tried to nurse my mouth- weird!

He is a very touchy baby. He likes to caress me while he nurses and pets my cheek when we talk.

He goes from happy to crying like a banshee in a fraction of a second.


And on a crafting note- this was a soaker I made about a month before he was born. I dyed the fiber (cormo/kid mohair from Juniper Moon Farms), spun up a heavy worsted yarn, and knit it up using my own soaker pattern.  Aside from needing another lanolin filled bath it is great.






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Little things

Between my new niece, and our upcoming little guy, I’ve been nesting a bit lately.  First, I knit this little hat:

mini button hat

It’s Malabrigo worsted and my own pattern.  I think it’s pretty cute, but really aren’t all baby hats just adorable.  I mean, they are so tiny.

Then there is this little girl sweater:

Cascade Sweater

The pattern is Cascade, from Petite Purls.  I added a ruffle to the bottom and used garter stitch at the collar and cuffs.  If I were to knit is again, I’d probably add a little more length to the body.  The yarn is from Yarn Pirate (it’s Veruca on Organic Merino).

Then I knit a little pair of longies.  They seem so, so laughably small when you put them up against H’s longies.  I knit them with the new Knitpicks Chroma.

Newborn longies

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nothing exciting

So, I’m in the midst of a lot of Christmas knitting, which doesn’t exactly make for good blog fodder.  I’m never sure who reads this, and I am trying hard not to give anything away.  If you are curious, check out my Ravelry project page.  I don’t know why I bother though, since I’ve already blogged about some of the Christmas presents.  I guess I’m just an enigma.  🙂

In totally blogable projects, I’m making H a new pair of longies.  I miss the days of little H soakers that would only take a night to knit.  Toddler longies just take awhile to knit.

I’d like to try and embroider a train on these, since trains are all the rage here at the moment.  I have never attempted to embroider something so detailed though, and I don’t want to get overly frustrated with the project.  Thoughts?  Suggestions on embroidering knits?

For reference, I mean embroidery like this:

Those are from the amazing Storm in the Attic.

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My knitting has been really off and on lately, but in the past week and a half I’m completed 5 Lizard Ridge squares (no pictures).  Woo woo.  

I’ve also got a few more soakers finished and started.  

And a half of a new pair of socks.  I think I’m going to submit this new one too, but if it is rejected, I’ll offer it up for free.  No pictures of this one either, since it is seeeecret.

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