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Woohoo, I have a new pattern in Petite Purls!!

IMG_4083 - Katie Wolfe Photography

H watched two different shows both featuring rocket ships in a really short period of time, and then all he could talk about was rocket ships, going to the moon, and outer space. So, because I’m the kind of knitter who takes an idea and runs with it (or I’m crazy), I decided he needed a cuddly rocket ship friend.

IMG_4048- Katie Wolfe Photography

This was the final iteration. Yes it is big, but it is super cuddly. I have stolen it for my bed on more than one occasion. I think it is pretty awesome, but I’m a little biased. It’s nice to finally be able to show something I’ve been knitting.

IMG_4025- Katie Wolfe Photography

My friend Katie took all the pictures you see here. I tried, but failed miserably, which of course meant taking our love seat outside not once, but twice. In 95 degree heat. Because I’m crazy. All that said, I hope you make a rocket friend of your own! Up, up, and away!


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