My official due date is now less than two weeks away.

This time around I’m not quite as anxious to meet my little person (even though I am), as much as I want everything to be ready.  I’ve got the freezer fully stocked with meals, bread, and a few snacks.  The pantry is likewise stocked with food that is easy to eat when nursing.

H keeps asking me when the baby is coming out.  All I can say is soon.  He’s so sweet about the baby.  He’s taken to reading the baby stories, singing him songs, and giving him kisses and hugs.  I really hope that he continues to be so sweet after baby brother makes his appearance.


Cardinal Puppet

Cardinal puppet, knit for my April moms swap partner.

Fiber Optic Merino/Bamboo Yarn Pirate Merino

Spinning- Fiber Optic Honeysuckle Rose #2 merino/bamboo, Yarn Pirate Inky merino.

Herringbone Cowl

Knitting- Big Herringbone Cowl. Knit in Malabrigo.

Lisa Souza Roving

Spinning- Lisa Souza Leaf Pile merino/silk

my view

Gestating- 36 weeks (That was 2 weeks ago!)

More little things

Adding more little things to the house.

First, a February Baby Sweater. I knit this with Wollmeise 80/20 in Lila Ludmilla.  The yarn felt a lot like cotton string when I was knitting it, but it seems to have softened greatly with washing.  I really love the way it turned out.
Feb. Baby Sweater
And a gratuitous close up of the lace pattern:
Feb. Baby Sweater

Then a little baby hat appeared out of nowhere. (Seriously, I cast on something to take with me to the second part of the hat class I was teaching, and by the time I got home it was ready for the decreases.)
baby hat
With the matching pants:

And here are some little baby socks from a few weeks ago. It’s my own pattern, and I think I’ll work up a mini-collection to offer as a pattern set.
Baby socks

Finally, a not so little thing. Meet the Button Up Hat. The pattern is available for purchase.
Button Up Hat

Little things

Between my new niece, and our upcoming little guy, I’ve been nesting a bit lately.  First, I knit this little hat:

mini button hat

It’s Malabrigo worsted and my own pattern.  I think it’s pretty cute, but really aren’t all baby hats just adorable.  I mean, they are so tiny.

Then there is this little girl sweater:

Cascade Sweater

The pattern is Cascade, from Petite Purls.  I added a ruffle to the bottom and used garter stitch at the collar and cuffs.  If I were to knit is again, I’d probably add a little more length to the body.  The yarn is from Yarn Pirate (it’s Veruca on Organic Merino).

Then I knit a little pair of longies.  They seem so, so laughably small when you put them up against H’s longies.  I knit them with the new Knitpicks Chroma.

Newborn longies

2010 vs 2011 (take one)

Here were my ambitions for 2010:

* Make at least two sweaters for me. I actually accomplished this one.  I knit Mystere and the Dixie Lace Sweater.

* Stop buying one or two balls of yarn at a time.  1500 yards minimum, unless I have a specific project in mind.  Sock yarn is exempt, of course.  Also done.  I stuck mostly to sock yarn, save a few hat/longie/baby sweater projects.

* Finish all the single socks. Nope, not even close.  I think I have 5 single socks now, with 2 of them being added last year.

* Re-sew the curtains for H’s room so they all match. Again, nope.  Just not enough motivation.

* Figure out a system to rate/remember/review recipes. Not really. I need an app for that.  It’s still a combination of old favorites tucked away on recipe cards or cookbooks, my bookmarks on the computer, and my brain.

* Plant a small container garden.  Mostly successful.  The herbs did wonderfully, the beets did not.  Lettuce is still growing.  This was mostly eclipsed by joining the CSA, because there were overflowing veggies all the time.

* Get my hair cut in a salon. Ha! Not even close.  I think my hair might be longer now that it ever has been.

I’m not so sure I’m going to do any resolutions/ambitions/goals for this year.  With a newborn coming I just can’t see it working out real well.  That said, I’m excited for some firsts.  2011 will be the first year we are purchasing a (portion) of a side of beef.  It will be the first year with our 2 boys.  It will be the first year S is officially on tenure track.  And, I’m excited to see what else surprises us in the new year.


Wrapping Up

In 2010:

I knit 63 finished objects, apparently many of which did not make it to the blog.
2010 knitting projects

Designed 8 new things.  Some of which are still waiting to be released.

I spun 18 3/4 skeins of yarn.
2010 fiber mosaic

It’s been a busy, but productive, year full of exciting things.  We joined a CSA, I got a wheel, a yarn store opened, and a new baby is on the way (and kicking up a storm).  Here’s hoping 2011 is just as great.

Meet Oliver

I have  a new pattern out in the winter issue of Petite Purls!


I have this goal to knit a new sweater every fall/winter for H (and his brother next year).  The first one was the Child’s Placket-Neck Pullover, the second was Henry’s Sweater, and Oliver is this year’s ‘winner’.

My pregnant brain had a really hard time focusing on anything for awhile, so the top down construction was really handy for saving my sanity.  It’s sized from 6m-16, so if I ever want to take a designing out, then I have a backup for awhile.  Plus, I think it would look awesome all in one color, with just a center stripe, or with contrasting collar/cuffs/zipper band.

I’m also insanely happy with the pictures my friend Katie took.  It was over 80 the day we did the photoshoot, so it was really a challenge to get the photos to look like winter.  Another stumbling block was Henry’s case of the sniffles.  But, none of that comes out in the photos.

Ravel it!