Bonne Année

Happy New Years!

2011 was a hard, but very rewarding year over here. We had a baby, bought a house, celebrated many holidays and birthdays, but it was exhausting. Not a lot of knitting, or spinning, or crafting happened, so hopefully that will change in 2012. Here’s the 2011 collage.














These days…

These days, I am trying to knit more.

These days, I’m looking at C while he crawls around.

These days, I’m watching in amazement when he pulls himself up to the couch and tries to walk around.

These days, I’m thankful that he can’t quite get the hang of that just yet.

These days, I’m wondering where the time goes.

These days, I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit while racking leaves on solstice.

These days, I am eagerly awaiting a quiet Christmas with my boys.

(Started on 11-7, finished 12-21- yep, that is how things are going these days.)

The Not So Glamourous Life

8-11-11 I’m sitting on the edge of my bed typing on the iPad hoping I don’t wake up C by breathing. I know if I leave the room, I will have 10 minutes, at most, to do whatever before he starts to fuss. I am not used to this. H was such an easy baby for the most part. Something I took advantage of to do things like actually talk to my husband, knit,scratch an itch- all without worrying that the baby would wake up. It has been a particularly hard week though. C got his four month shots, the houses being reinspected before we close, trying to tie up loose ends on the other house we made an offer on and aren’t buying, etc.

C is going through a phase where he wants to nurse all.night.long. It is driving me a wee bit crazy. I love him to pieces, but I also need to not touch anyone for a few hours day. Whoops, tapped too loud….

8-15-11 Taking a few minutes during H’s rest time to finish up. C is having tummy time and scooting around in circles. On Saturday, things went from bad to worse. C decided that he was going to be up from 10:30-3am. And then wake up at 7. And nurse twice (three times?) in between. I was a walking zombie, and I taught a mom and daughter to knit Sunday. Thankfully, he slept well last night. He had a final nap from 6-8 (I tried to get him to hold out, but he just crashed). Then I put him down for the night at 10:30. He did well, only waking up to nurse about three times. And none of the nursings really got either of us up. Small victories! Hopefully, he feels a bit better now, and we’ll start getting some good sleep again. We both could use it.

Almost 4 months


I can’t believe C has been a part of our family for almost for months now. Yet, it also seems like he’s been here forever.  He’s a generally happy baby, but when he’s not happy he is really Not. Happy.

When he’s getting ready to really cry, the corners of his mouth turn down and his chin waggles. It is exactly like in a cartoon, except it is for real. That’s really the only time that H doesn’t like having a baby brother.


C is an expert at rolling over, just like his brother. And just like his brother, he seems to forget that he can roll both ways. So if he is tired of being on his tummy, he really just needs to remember he can roll himself onto his back.

We’re still co-sleeping. It’s working out wonderfully.  And, unlike H, I think it is going to last awhile beyond the four month mark. C is a very attached baby. He loves to be held by Mama. He’s getting used to the sling, and I can’t wait to use it more often (right now we are in the middle of a very large heatwave and wearing a silk brocade sling in 105 degree weather is so not appealing).

C quirks-

He has a very sweaty head.

He will try to nurse everything. Last night I gave him a kiss and he tried to nurse my mouth- weird!

He is a very touchy baby. He likes to caress me while he nurses and pets my cheek when we talk.

He goes from happy to crying like a banshee in a fraction of a second.


And on a crafting note- this was a soaker I made about a month before he was born. I dyed the fiber (cormo/kid mohair from Juniper Moon Farms), spun up a heavy worsted yarn, and knit it up using my own soaker pattern.  Aside from needing another lanolin filled bath it is great.





Mitered Crosses

I am trying to get into the swing of life (knitting/housework/etc) with two kids.  So far, it’s going fairly well.  I’m actually managing to keep the house somewhat clean, make a few meals that involve actual prep and heating of food, and, best of all, I’m starting to work knitting back into my daily life.

I’m working on a somewhat secret project and a Mitered Crosses blanket.  I’d really love it to be done before we move in to the new house, but I’m not sure how realistic that goal is at this time.  It’s going fairly well, I’ve got five squares completed and one on the needles.

mitered crosses collage

I’m using leftovers from my Lizard Ridge and Cascade 220. I may run out of leftovers before squares, so there might have to be some additional LR blocks in the next few months too. The LR would be done if I was making the size specified in the pattern, but I am hoping to crank out enough squares for a queen size blanket. Because I’m crazy. But it will look awesome.


catching up

Trying to sit and write has been a bit hard lately, but I finally found two minutes together.  Charlie is settling into a bit more of a routine, which makes everyone a little happier.  He’s such a happy baby, but like his brother, he prefers to do the majority of his sleeping on my chest. That makes typing/knitting/eating/etc somewhat difficult. Difficult, but so worth it. I learned with H that the snuggles don’t last nearly long enough (and H is a cuddly three year old), so I’m soaking it in while I can.   It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a month already.

photo by Katie Wolfe

The other thing keeping us busy- we’re in the process of buying a house. The inspections have been scheduled, so it feels a bit more real now. Although I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that a) I’m old enough to be buying a house, and b) that we’ll be in one place long enough to justify buying a house.  I suppose that having two kids and buying a house should make me feel like a “real” adult, but I don’t think it does.

In normal news, our CSA has started up again. It’s been lovely getting fresh lettuces, carrots, beets, dill, cilantro, parsley, and kale. It’s been a great supplement to all the frozen meals I made when I was pregnant. It’s nice to know that we have fresh vegetables even when we can’t make it to the store.

Welcome Charlie!


We had a very busy Friday! I started having contractions at 3am, but I fell asleep around 6am. I’ve never been more disappointed to fall asleep, but in hindsight, it was probably a good thing that I got in that hour and a half nap. I had a midwife appointment at 9am, and was 3cm and 50% effaced. I was glad something was happening, since I had been having 1-3 hrs of prodromal labor for about a week. I had four contractions while I was at the appointment, and they continued to pick back up after I left. H and I went for a walk on-campus while Steve had a meeting, then we went out for BBQ. I learned my lesson last time that food is good for labor. By 2pm, the contractions were 2-4 minutes apart, lasting for about a minute, so we decided to head into the hospital since we had friends who could watch H for the night.

When we got there labor slowed down a bit and there were a few minutes where they thought they would send me home. Labor was stalling because I had to be on the bed while they monitored me. However, I was certain I could get this show on the road if I could walk/move around. We got into a room around 4:30, and we started walking around trying to get the contractions more consistent and productive. I had some pain cycle issues with not wanting to stay in positions that would help bring Charlie down. He was around -2 or -1 until the very end. And Steve did so awesome as a coach. He helped suggest different positions to help keep the contractions consistent and productive, which was very helpful. He even managed to keep me calm and focused during most of transition. There are two hours where I know I was only focused on him telling me when to breathe and telling me that he knew I could do it. Towards 10p, I really, really, really wanted something to take the edge off, but it was a no-go since I was at a 9. I remember saying that I hoped the baby was having decels so I could have a c-section. So, yeah- my head space was not good there. But, Steve got me back on track. We moved from the birth ball to the bed to get set up for delivery.

I had another two contractions, and my water broke. After that happened, I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before the baby came, but I didn’t want to believe it.

As my midwife was getting set up, I asked for someone to apply counter-pressure. They all assured me that I was okay and it would still be a little bit because Charlie was still very high. Apparently, my body knew my desire for a 4/8 baby, because I had another contraction, pushed twice, and Charlie was out at 11:30. It was super surprising for everyone involved. Because he came so fast, he had a little bit of fluid in his lungs and I have a second degree tear, and about 6 stitches, but we are both doing well now.

So, even though it was super hard and rather intense at the end, I got the birth I really wanted (no meds, intervention and induction free). Yay!


We have been home a few days, and everyone seems to be settling in nicely. H is such a good big brother already, even though he’s a bit reluctant about touching (or getting too close) to Charlie. He is genuinely concerned at the crying, and really wants to know how to help the baby.